A Weekend in the Woods

Roundstone 3Kristin & Jon traveled to Roundstone Camp Grounds near Jim Thorpe Park in PA for two nights of camping and fishing with their puppy. Thunder nor flood alerts (and certainly not Kristin’s stage IV thyroid cancer!) could stop this young couple from embarking on their first camping adventure!


Many thanks to the wonderful people at Roundstone for taking great care of Seas It’s intrepid grant recipients, and to the fine folks at REI Conshohocken for donating or discounting nearly all Kristin & Jon’s camping gear.


Roundstone 2” I am so very blessed and thankful for the wonderful support system and love that I have surrounding me, and also for the wonderful support from different foundations like Seas It! Our camping trip was just what we needed to get away from everything for a little bit, and without the help from Seas It, it would not have been possible. I am just always trying to keep my head up, stay strong and, most importantly for me and my hubby, is keeping God close in our lives…all of these things have kept me going and will help me to continue to fight on! Thanks again so much Seas It. You are all wonderful.” 

– Kristin, Seas It Patient Grant Recipient

New Wheels for a Caregiver!

mike_on_a_bikeIn the midst of his wife’s many breast cancer treatments, Mike, a caregiver from NH and hubby/dad extraordinaire, taught his son to ride a bike. The only problem was Mike couldn’t accompany his little guy on rides without a bike of his own! So Seas It provided Mike with a new pair of wheels so this father/son duo could ride off into the distance in style.

Many http://buylevitra24.com thank to Papa Wheelies of Portsmouth, NH for matching Seas It’s grant dollar for dollar to ensure Mike got an awesome mountain bike custom-fitted just for him.