Gardening for Health

We are glad that Seas It could provide Jeff, a nurturing and dedicated Caregiver to his wife who is battling metastatic lung cancer, some much needed therapy and time for himself. With the beautiful plants, rose bushes, mulch, and garden supplies from Meadowbrook Farm, Jeff has created an outdoor respite for him and his wife. We hope the sunny days and evening breezes in his Huntingdon Valley, PA garden will bring some calmness and healing into their lives.

Chopping Her Way Toward Health

Here at Seas It, we aren’t sure who is enjoying this grant of cooking classes more: the grant recipient or her husband who reaps the delicious benefits! Sharon, from Pennsylvania, is fighting Cholangiocarcinoma but was able to relish a date night at “In the Kitchen” cooking school with her husband Carl. Always a great cook, Sharon was so relieved that her cancer treatments haven’t affect her taste buds and that time in the kitchen remains both therapeutic and rewarding. Bon appétit Sharon and Carl! Thank you for including Seas It on your journey toward health and recovery.

An Artist is Born

Marilyn sensed that learning to paint would be therapeutic and revitalizing as she continued to fight advanced gastric stomach cancer. Taylor, an accomplished artist at PAFA in Philadelphia, has always been interested in art therapy. We sensed it was a perfect match for a Seas It grant!
Above, Marilyn proudly exhibits the beginnings of her first painting from a session that, from all accounts, inspired and rejuvenated both teacher and student. Well done Marilyn & Taylor!