The Cross-Fit Cure

Almost two years ago, Seas It received a Patient & Caregiver Grant application from Kellie, a young woman battling Stage 3 Colon Cancer. We worked on fulfilling Kellie’s grant but before we could complete it, she let us know the grant would have to be postponed until she felt strong enough to exercise and had more time to recover from her intensive surgeries.

In September during one of those “small world, happenstance” moments, Amanda ran into Kellie in NYC.  Kellie was feeling better and recovering from her treatments. It was time for her to get back on track!



With help from the generous folks at Cross-Fit Mount Laurel, Seas It was able to provide Kellie and her husband a 6-month family membership. They have found renewed energy and healing at Cross-Fit Mount Laurel and enjoy working out with their trainers who understand the grueling effects of chemotherapy and cancer recovery. Stay strong, Kellie and Billy. Seas It is in your corner!