Working out and on a mission…

Last fall, Amanda had the pleasure of meeting Jackie, a young New Yorker battling Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, at a conference for young adults organized by the good folks at Stupid Cancer.

Jackie came up the Seas It table with determination in her eyes and we knew we would be hearing from her again soon. Jackie explained that one of her biggest hurdles is dealing with the chronic fatigue and painful side effects from her recent stem cell transplant.

However, after nearly a year of some really intense treatments and obstacles, Jackie felt like she finally had the strength and energy to focus on getting back into physical shape again and applied for a Patient Grant.

Seas It was lucky enough to find Arlene, an awesome personal trainer, who has experience working on the physical goals of people undergoing and recovering from cancer treatments. Arlene and Amanda worked together to find a proper training regimen for Jackie. Because of Jackie’s stem cell transplant, she is unable to work out in a gym or outdoors. Arlene agreed that some personal training sessions in Jackie’s home would give Jackie some renewed energy, increase her physical strength, and rebuild some lost muscle mass.

As you can tell from the picture below, Jackie and Arlene make a great team. Thank you, Jackie, for choosing to Seas It! You’re an inspiration to us all.

Arlene and Jackie looking awesome in their Seas It training shirts!

Powering through with Positive Psychology

Amanda, a young woman from New York City battling Stage IV Melanoma, was interested in learning how to incorporate nutrition and positivity into her intense treatment plan. Thanks to a wonderful partnership with Kayleigh Pleas, Seas It was able to provide Amanda with a six-week enrollment into Kayleigh’s Positive Psychology Coaching Classes. Amanda had an amazing experience attending the course and shared her grant experience with Seas It:


“My Stage IV cancer diagnosis left me feeling anxious and out of control of what was happening in my body. While I felt physically strong through my treatment, I sometimes struggle with all of the emotions and frustrations that come along with cancer. The Positive Psychology coaching that Seas It provided for me, helped me to focus on my overall wellbeing not just the current state of my body. It gave me the tools to continue to fight and heal. I am so grateful to Amanda and her incredible vision for Seas It. She was able to identify my biggest hurdles in coping with my illness and give me the guidance to remain mindful and positive.”

Amanda Snyder

We know Amanda has a long road ahead of her but we are confident that with her incredible attitude and mental strength, she will overcome any obstacle that comes her way.