A Goal Oriented Grant

Kelly, a young woman from Maine battling Breast Cancer, applied for a Seas It Grant with a specific goal in mind. She was hoping to train and build up strength and endurance so that her chemo and radiation treatments wouldn’t stand in the way of her upcoming 5k run. Seas It provided Kelly with a family membership to her local YMCA. We were delighted when Kelly wrote us after completing her 5k:

Whisker Walk 1

“The Y has been wonderful. During the first several days following chemo, it’s all I can do to muster up enough energy to get dressed. But, on my off weeks, it’s so nice to have a clean place to go to ride a bike, run/jog/walk on the treadmill or row. I am extremely grateful for my Y membership…for the obvious health and wellness benefits, but I truly think it helped minimize some of the side effects during and after chemo and surgery. It’s also helped to keep me physically and mentally strong throughout this ordeal.”

Way to go, Kelly! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. You got this.