In 2004, Todd McGovern, an exceptional former two-sport college athlete, was diagnosed with colorectal cancer and was told that he had six months to two years to live.  As a newlywed of two months, Todd faced the ultimate decision — to die a little each day or live a little each day. He chose to “Seas It,” and seize the day he did for EIGHT years with his wife, Amanda, and their twin baby boys (now 18 months old). With the idea of “living a little each day,” Todd and Amanda, founded Seas It – a name evoking both the will to be positive and the active days on the beach that kept them centered. A name and idea that promotes living, playing, and healing — beyond cancer. Todd’s obituary reflects the fortitude and passion that defied many medical prognoses.

Cancer is a disease that can make patients and their family members feel powerless and overwhelmed. Todd and Amanda’s vision for Seas It was to help cancer patients and caregivers regain control over their lives so they may fight the battle against cancer on their own terms, and pursue recreational activities that lift their spirits and help keep them as healthy as possible.

For ten years, amidst Todd’s cancer treatments and Amanda’s full-time job at Cartier, they ran Seas It which successfully funded and coordinated 15-20 patient and caregiver grants annually. Today, Todd and Amanda’s dream lives on as Seas It continues to raise funds through races and other athletic events for cancer patients and caregiver grants, and raise awareness about the physical and emotional importance of activity while fighting cancer.