Our original Patient and Caregiver Grant is designed for the patient undergoing treatments and the caregiver providing support. Seas It assists in the coordination of and provides financial assistance for recreational activities geared toward mental and physical recovery. Grant recipients are encouraged to pursue activities that make them feel vibrant, positive, and in control during cancer treatments. Examples include but are not limited to: biking, tennis, skiing, knitting, surfing, art lessons, karate classes, fishing, piano, theater, pottery, yoga, golf, hiking, and team soccer.

Patient and Caregiver Grant application process

1. Fill out the Patient/Caregiver Grant Application.

2. Seas It will review your application. Recipients of the goods, services and funds offered by Seas It will be selected on a first come, first serve basis without discrimination on the basis of gender, race, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

3. Once the application is received and accepted, a Seas It representative will contact you to discuss the activity of your choosing.

4. Seas It will provide administrative support to set up the activity, including phone calls, paperwork, and meeting times. Seas It also will provide funds for equipment required for the activity, classes, and/or membership fees (often in conjunction with resources donated by activity provider).

Apply for a Patient/Caregiver Grant


Between my treatments and pregnancy, the Y has been my husband’s retreat to work out stress. I had some physical problems during my pregnancy that made walking difficult, and the stationary bikes helped keep me mobile toward the end. This membership has been a tremendous gift.

             -Katie & Asa, Patient/Caregiver Grant Recipients