National Seas It weekend!

Have you heard about our big event Cancer. Run With It! ? We are so excited to announce April 12th and 13th as National Seas It weekend when hundreds of Seas It supporters will participate in our first ever Cancer. Run With It! event. Seas It teams will run, walk, paddle, row, and pedal in 21 events in 21 cities across the nation to remember and celebrate Seas It’s co-founder,  Todd McGovern. Todd passed away a year ago after beating the odds for 8 years while fighting cancer. Cancer. Run With It! will raise funds and awareness for Seas It, and mark the beginning of Seas It’s nationwide expansion (more to come on that later)! 

Be a pioneer! Join a team or become a sideline supporter for Cancer. Run With It! Get out there and Seas It! The thought of hundreds of spirited people simultaneously raising awareness and funds for people fighting cancer is amazing.