Balancing Life With a Brain Tumor

Thanks to a referral from Dr. Hu at Cedars-Sinai, Paul and Melissa are the most recent couple to receive a Patient & Caregiver Grant from Seas It. Paul was diagnosed with Grade 2 Glioma this year and dislocated his shoulder and strained his back during one of the seizures associated with this Brain Tumor. With Melissa’s encouragement, Paul has chosen to begin practicing yoga as he begins his road to recovery. Thanks to the good people at Addicted to Yoga in Rancho Cucamonga, California, Seas It was able to provide Melissa and Paul with a 6 month unlimited yoga membership. We wish them all the best during the months ahead. Namaste!

Chopping Her Way Toward Health

Here at Seas It, we aren’t sure who is enjoying this grant of cooking classes more: the grant recipient or her husband who reaps the delicious benefits! Sharon, from Pennsylvania, is fighting Cholangiocarcinoma but was able to relish a date night at “In the Kitchen” cooking school with her husband Carl. Always a great cook, Sharon was so relieved that her cancer treatments haven’t affect her taste buds and that time in the kitchen remains both therapeutic and rewarding. Bon appétit Sharon and Carl! Thank you for including Seas It on your journey toward health and recovery.

Recent Seas It Grant Recipients

Wayne Arts CenterCongratulations to Carolyn, currently fighting recurrent Anaplastic Oligodendroglioma, for choosing to “seas it” in an art studio.  From Newtown Square, PA, Carolyn reached out to Seas It in order to continue taking clay classes – a creative outlet, Carolyn says, that provides “the ability to give special gifts to people who love and support me, and truly valuable development of my manual dexterity.”

Seas It also extends gratitude to the Wayne Arts Center for contributing to this grant. Carolyn is thrilled to be taking two courses at their center this Spring.

A few more grants Seas It is working on: a fishing and camping trip for a recently married couple; a mountain bike and golf outing for a caregiver; and Pilates classes and personal training for an applicant fighting breast cancer.

Seas It commends all of out grant applicant and recipients for getting out there to live a little each day.