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June 20, 2015

1st Annual Seas It Downwinder, Allenhurst NJ


Thank you to all the participants, spectators, and volunteers for making our 1st Annual Seas It Downwinder a huge success!

Race Results
Category 1: Surfski Long Course 9.2 miles
1st Place: Sean Brennan (1:18)
2nd Place: Eric Costanzo (1:23)
3rd Place: Matt Nunnally (1:24)
4th Place:  Jan Lupinsky
5: Rowan Sampson, 6: Jesse Lishchuk, 7: Michael Alexeev, 8: Nik Alshayev, 9: Jeff Crowley, 10: Cliff Roach, 11: Jon Shafer, 12: Bob Capellini, 13: Brian Smiga, 14: Mark Weiner

Category 2: Surfski Short Course 4 miles
1st Place: Mike Barrows
2nd Place: Michelle Davidson
3rd Place: Anne Skimmons
4th Place: Joe Skimmons

Category 3: SUP Long Course
1st Place: Mike Jacobus
2nd Place: Joe Ward
3rd Place: Eddie Okinsky

Category 4: SUP Short Course 
1st Place: Dana Hauffe
2nd Place: Andrea Kahikina
3rd Place:  Ronnie Fernicola

A special shout out to Josette Lata for competing as the only female in the 9.2 mile SUP course! 

Josette, Kevin, and Richard are still smiling even after 9.2 miles of paddling through intense conditions!

Josette, Kevin, and Richard are still smiling even after 9.2 miles of paddling through intense conditions!

Race Conditions

Saturday, June 20th, 2015, 4:00pm

Race conditions were not ideal and more like a washing machine! Runs were there but required hard work and ocean experience! Honored to have had such a competitive field race in our first Seas It Downwinder ( minus the wind ) Race. Most paddlers were happy to make it back safely to dry land.  It is no coincidence that the podium belonged to three experienced paddlers who cut their teeth on spec lifeguard surf skis. Sean Brennan taking the gold, Eric Costanzo taking 2nd place, and Matt Nunnall (a top ranked USLA lifeguard) taking 3rd place!

Comments from Race Organizer and competitor, Eric Costanzo:

“Jan and his kidney stone felt humbled by the experience and Bob Capellini posted on our FB page that he had an awesome time but his backside is still a bit sore! Sean Brennan set a blistering pace, with Eric, Matt,  Jesse, and Jan making up the 2nd pack. By the halfway point it was clear Sean was cruising and Matt and I had our sea legs while Jesse and Jan had their perfect stroke ordertramadol.org and boat speed thwarted by the Turbulent waters off of Monmouth County. The first race was awesome despite a slight head wind, chaotic seas, and several shark sitings. The competition was excellent and we were all very excited to line up with Good Boy Kayaks’ Cliff Roach and the Pennsylvania Crew ! We will work to improve on this first experience and battle again next year!

As for the SUP crew, much respect was given to these amazing racers. I was impressed with the effort on such a challenging day on the water! We will definitely curb the surf ski paddlers appetite or stagger the start times next year so everyone eats and drinks after the race! I really enjoyed getting to know and learn about the sport of SUP racing!”

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June 20, 2015


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NJ United States