Q: Who is eligible for a Seas It grant?
A: Cancer patients who are currently undergoing surgical, chemotherapy, or radiation treatments, and caregivers providing primary support to an individual fighting cancer.

Q: If I have been diagnosed with cancer but can no longer receive treatments because my condition has worsened, am I still eligible for a Seas It grant?
A: Absolutely. We want to help you remain as active and positive as possible.

Q: Is there an age requirement?
A: Yes. Seas It works with cancer patients between the ages of 18 and older.

Q: What are the costs of Seas It services?
A: Nothing. Seas It will provide recreational resources or subsidize the cost of participating in recreational activities.

Q: How often can I participate in Seas It Patient/Caregiver grant programs?  
A: A patient is eligible once/calendar year while undergoing treatment.

Q: What is a typical grant amount?
A: Grant amounts are determined on a case-by-case basis upon receiving grant applications. Our Cancer Patient/Caregiver grants do not exceed $500 per individual 0r $1000 per pair, and are often supplemented by donated goods and services.