From Swimming in the Water to Watercolors!

Since November is National Caregivers Month, we thought it would be nice to share Justin’s recent Seas It Caregiver Grant. We met Justin through his fiancée, Remi. Remi has been battling Glioblastoma Multiforme but hasn’t let her brain tumor get in the way of staying active. Over the summer with her Seas It Grant, Remi learned to swim and had a blast. (Read more about Remi here: Sometimes Cancer Feels Like Treading Water.)

With Remi’s encouragement, Justin applied for a grant. He wanted to try something he had never done before (this is a theme for this couple!). Justin also wanted to find something fun he could do with Remi. We found an amazing watercolor teacher, Joan Iocanetti, who gave Remi and Justin art lessons for six weeks this summer. They enjoyed their art lessons tremendously and loved the quality time together. We were so happy to receive this beautiful picture of Remi and Justin. In her email, Remi wrote:

“Last night we went out to celebrate a good scan (had my latest MRI yesterday with stable results!!!) as well as our five year anniversary so we figured that since we were in a celebratory mood and uncharacteristically dolled up, we’d capture that in a photo for you 🙂 We can’t thank you enough for your support and love.”


Congratulations on the great test results, Remi! You both look amazing. Keep fighting the good fight!