Go forth and fundraise by participating in a local event or by joining a Seas It team.

All of our grant recipients depend on the generosity of our supporters. For nearly ten years, hundreds of people with cancer and those affected by cancer have chosen to “Seas It,” and have competed in various athletic events to raise awareness and funds for Seas It.

How to Get Involved!

1. Find a local event or activity, anywhere in the world or join an existing Seas It team. Go to for a list of athletic events in your area.

2. Complete the Seas It Get Involved Application

3. Seas It will create a FirstGiving fundraising event page for you. We’ll send you the link with simple  instructions. (Don’t worry! This is all very easy and fast once you get started.) There are no minimum fundraising commitments BUT those who raise $500+ receive Seas It race day shirts.

4. Recruit family & friends to join in your efforts. We can also publicize this event on Seas It’s event page so other Seas It supporters can join you or donate to your team.

5. Train hard in your complimentary Seas It gear! Once you sign up, Seas It will send you a complimentary training shirt to wear prior to your race.

Seas It and the cancer community that we serve are grateful for your interest. Please do not hesitate to email us with any questions.

Apply to Get Involved with Seas It