2014 10th Anniversary Benefit Gala

Celebrating 10 years of helping others stay active during their battles against cancer.

Thank you for joining us on July 19th, 2014. We were honored and grateful that you celebrated with us.

We are proud to share the video that was presented at the Gala Benefit. Thank you Post Millennium for your amazing help.

Thank you for joining us on July 19th, 2014. We were honored and grateful that you celebrated with us. The proceeds from the 2014 Benefit Gala will support Seas It’s Grant Programs.

We are pleased to share that a total of $54,000 was raised thanks to our sponsors, our silent auction and raffle winners, and our guests. We are just $6,000 short of our fundraising goal and ask that you consider making a small contribution to help us achieve our goal.

A special thank you to our team of Seas It Sponsors:

plus Keil & Goodson PA, The Terri Lynn Roselius Trust, Kessler Topaz Meltzer & Check Charitable Fund

We also want to thank Simply Photography for capturing the spirit of the day and giving us all lasting images. See the complete gallery here.

A special shout out to Chris Brown and The Rubix Kube Band for providing the most awesome music for our evening. We all danced and had a blast! Thank you.

A Grant of Surf & Turf

Root_boysJeff is a dad of three in Philly who has no choice but to stay active while fighting colon cancer with three young sons keeping him on his toes! Jeff’s wife Lisa wanted to spend time outdoors as a family this summer, swimming and playing, and Jeff hoped to combine this family time with days playing golf. Seas It partnered with the great folks at Flourtown Country Club to provide this wonderful family with both pool and golf club memberships! Looks to us like they’re having a fantastic time.

Thank you to Jeff and Lisa for reaching out to Seas It, and thank you to Laura http://buyantibioticsonline.org and Flourtown Country Club for the generous donation of services.


A Weekend in the Woods

Roundstone 3Kristin & Jon traveled to Roundstone Camp Grounds near Jim Thorpe Park in PA for two nights of camping and fishing with their puppy. Thunder nor flood alerts (and certainly not Kristin’s stage IV thyroid cancer!) could stop this young couple from embarking on their first camping adventure!


Many thanks to the wonderful people at Roundstone for taking great care of Seas It’s intrepid grant recipients, and to the fine folks at REI Conshohocken for donating or discounting nearly all Kristin & Jon’s camping gear.


Roundstone 2” I am so very blessed and thankful for the wonderful support system and love that I have surrounding me, and also for the wonderful support from different foundations like Seas It! Our camping trip was just what we needed to get away from everything for a little bit, and without the help from Seas It, it would not have been possible. I am just always trying to keep my head up, stay strong and, most importantly for me and my hubby, is keeping God close in our lives…all of these things have kept me going and will help me to continue to fight on! Thanks again so much Seas It. You are all wonderful.” 

– Kristin, Seas It Patient Grant Recipient

New Wheels for a Caregiver!

mike_on_a_bikeIn the midst of his wife’s many breast cancer treatments, Mike, a caregiver from NH and hubby/dad extraordinaire, taught his son to ride a bike. The only problem was Mike couldn’t accompany his little guy on rides without a bike of his own! So Seas It provided Mike with a new pair of wheels so this father/son duo could ride off into the distance in style.

Many http://buylevitra24.com thank to Papa Wheelies of Portsmouth, NH for matching Seas It’s grant dollar for dollar to ensure Mike got an awesome mountain bike custom-fitted just for him.


Our May 4th Athletes

Run with the Cows II

On May 4th, ten runners in Philadelphia and Fairfield, CT brought attention to Seas It’s mission when they ran distances of 7, 10, or 13 miles. Inspired by people battling cancer, these Seas It athletes ran hard and raised $9300 to support Seas It’s grant program!

Congratulations to these racers http://buygenericvaltrexonline.com and a huge thanks to Kim Markin, Laura Prior, Julie Schlafman, and Phil Flynn for phenomenal fundraising efforts.

Do you want to “Seas It” too? Great! Join us for Seas It’s Team Gov Invitational 5k race in Allenhurst, NJ on July 19th. Learn more about this great event and beautiful course here.

Patient/Caregiver Grant Update

Jaime_pilatesSeas It congratulates Jaime from Dover, NH for choosing wellness over illness after a very tough year.  Within 12 months, Jaime has raised one child, brought another  into the world, and has battled – and nearly beat! – aggressive breast cancer.

Now with her sights set on a Fall half-marathon, Jaime is getting back on track with a Seas It grant for Pilates sessions at Suite 1019 and private strength-training sessions at Integrative Fitness. Seas It thanks these amazing Dover businesses for donating their services generously.

(And stay tuned for news of Seas It’s Caregiver Grant for Jaime’s husband, Mike! With a mountain bike and days on the golf course ahead, Mike will greet Summer in true Seas It style.)



Cancer. Run with it!

On April 12th & 13th, 315 Seas It supporters, grant recipients, and cancer survivors took to the roads, trails, seas, or yoga studios to support people fighting cancer and their caregivers.

Scroll down to view the gallery, read event highlights, and see race results.


Participating in the first national Seas It event created a major source of pride, accomplishment and satisfaction. Look at what we just did! It’s truly incredible and lasting. Looking at all the Instagrams from around the country and knowing the amount of people that are now involved in Seas It’s mission is stunning. And the money we raised this year to help those in need is inspiring.

-Brett & Erika N., NY Spartan Challenge athletes

Coast to coast, on 21 Seas It teams, Cancer. Run With It! athletes spread the news of Seas It’s work and raised funds for the inspirational cancer community Seas It proudly serves. And nationwide, hundreds remembered and celebrated Seas It co-founder Todd “Gov” McGovern’s determination, joy, and hope.

Congratulations to our Cancer. Run With It! participants AND thank you for embodying Todd McGovern’s motto of living a little each day.


Todd McGovern changed the way I looked at the fight against cancer, and bringing Todd’s message nationwide is an accomplishment for Seas It. I was glad to be part of Cancer. Run With It! It was the first Seas It Event for me, and I am proud of the turnout and sponsorships from the Jersey Shore Team.

– Amy M., Jersey Shore Captain

Each of our 21 teams had 1-2 captains who recruited and organized participants, and hit the ground running on race day. Seas It salutes these leaders for all their energy and commitment to Seas It’s mission:

Travis Allen
Amie Bui
Jason Cherella
Melissa Cherella
David Colby
Erin Corrigan
Eric Costanzo
Browyn Coyne
Sarah Deshaw
Jesse Dougherty

Rebecca Dougherty
Matthieu Garnier
Jeff Hamrick
Jeni Howe
Jon Howe
Lindsay McConnel
Monica McEwen
Amanda McGovern
Amy McGovern
Lauren Ostrowsky

Sarah Parker
Amber Roan
Caroline Savory
Matt Skinner
Amy Stumpf
Katherine Sullivan
Margaret Wagner
Jill White

Congratulations to Captain Lindsay McConnel for recruiting the largest Seas It team of 55 participants!


Running for Seas It was a great experience. It was a wonderful celebration of health and a striking tribute to Todd’s memory. And it was fun! The weather was beautiful and I had the chance to run & talk with old friends.

– Anne B., Boston runner

Thank you to our sponsors for helping Seas It recognize its vision for the first National Seas It Weekend!

Balance Chestnut Hill
Century 21 Department Store



When I was diagnosed with cancer in 2009, it was Gov who guided and inspired me to keep my head up and fight. Gov taught me that cancer cannot break your spirit, hope, confidence and courage.  Living a little each day is how I live – cancer set me back a little but it’s not breaking my spirit and my way of life.  I’m now in remission – enjoying each day and living an active lifestyle on my terms! And I thank Gov for that.

– Rob C., Jersey Shore runner

And we applaud all of our Cancer. Run With It! fundraisers. Seas It grant recipients will benefit from your efforts for years to come. A special thank you to those on our fundraising leaderboard:

John Kennedy
Brett and Erika Nardini
David Colby
Amanda McGovern
Jeni Howe
Anne Bunn
Lindsay McConnel
Rebecca Dougherty
Lara & Bill Riley
Colby Men’s Ice Hockey

Hometown Team Jersey Shore

Jeffrey Hamrick
Stephanie Ball
Timoney Merck Dunlap
Carrie Boxer
Jessica Hamrick
Jesse Dougherty
Eric Costanzo
Liz Donaldson
Amie Bui

Click here to view the full fundraising results

Cancer. Run with it!
A thank you from Seas It Founder & Director Amanda McGovern:

To help plan, execute, and participate in Seas It’s first National Event, ‘Cancer. Run With It!’ was an incredibly humbling and moving experience. While my husband, Todd, was alive we would often brainstorm about Seas It. During one of our better brainstorming sessions on the beach, Todd asked me if I could imagine a Nationwide Seas It event. At the time, I couldn’t. But, Todd did a great job of painting the picture for me. He said, ‘Just imagine, the Seas It Blue shirt worn by hundreds of people who want to Seas the Day and live a little…all coming together for a common goal.’  Although he never got to see his idea come to fruition, I think all of us that knew Todd felt his spirit and energy around us as we competed in our various events last weekend.

As Todd’s wife, I was extremely touched by the enthusiasm that people brought to this event.  I think the images from race day speak volumes about the experiences people had during this event. For me, rowing with my brother, Eric, who was Todd’s medical advisor and confidant for 8 and ½ years, on a beautiful, sunny day was an extraordinary experience. Eric and I talked about many things on that 5.5-mile row. But, what we talked about most was Todd’s uniqueness, determination, and tremendous strength of character. As someone who hadn’t rowed on the open water in nearly 15 years, thinking about Todd and all that he endured time and time again, certainly got me through the race. I am most appreciative of all the participants, donors, and sponsors that made our first Nationwide Event such a success.

Race results from various Cancer. Run With It! events:

April 12th Races

Arcadia, CA  Breakthrough for Brain Tumors 5k
Framingham, MA Dunning Dash 5k
Falmouth, ME Falmouth 4-miler
Lake Como, NJ 10th Annual Lake Como 5k
New York, NY Spartan Sprint at Citi Field
Philadelphia, PA Walk + Run Against Hunger 5k
Burlington, VT Run Vermont Half-Marathon Unplugged

April 13th Races

Los Angeles, CA Merrell Down & Dirty Obstacle Race
Petaluma, CA Petaluma Foot Race
San Francisco, CA Presidio 10 mi, 10k & 5k run
Arvada, CO Prairie Dog Half-Marathon & 10K
Wilmington, DE Thin Mint 5k
Brooklyn, NY Brooklyn Duathlon
Richboro PA Bucks County Half-Marathon
Alexandria, VA George Washington Parkway Classic
Renton, WA Seahawks 12k or 5k Run at the Landing

Congrats to our Seas It athletes who raced and placed!

Team Philly 5k

Jeni Howe 3rd woman overall, 2nd woman ages 30-39
Marissa Nichols 2nd woman overall, 1st woman ages 30-39
Rebecca Dougherty 1st woman ages 40-49
Kim Freeman 2nd woman 40-49
Hannah Griffith 2nd woman 19 & under
Abbie Evans 3rd woman 19 & under

Team Philly Halfer

Preston Thomas, 1st man ages 34-39
Sonya Duprez, 3rd woman ages 34-39

Team Boston

Bill Riley, 3rd man ages 30-39

Team Wilmington

Lindsay McConnel 3rd woman overall, 2nd woman 30-39
Mark Ginn 1st man 40-49
Theresa Devine 2nd woman 40-49
Hallie Biden 3rd woman 40-49
Jacques deRamel 2nd 9 & under
Nick Marvin 3rd 9 & under
Natalie Biden 1st 9 & under
Kate McConnel 2nd 9 & under
Natalie Dickinson 1st 10-13

Team Burlington

Elzy Wick 6th woman overall (out of 1000)

Team LA

Matt Skinner 3rd overall

Recent Seas It Grant Recipients

Wayne Arts CenterCongratulations to Carolyn, currently fighting recurrent Anaplastic Oligodendroglioma, for choosing to “seas it” in an art studio.  From Newtown Square, PA, Carolyn reached out to Seas It in order to continue taking clay classes – a creative outlet, Carolyn says, that provides “the ability to give special gifts to people who love and support me, and truly valuable development of my manual dexterity.”

Seas It also extends gratitude to the Wayne Arts Center for contributing to this grant. Carolyn is thrilled to be taking two courses at their center this Spring.

A few more grants Seas It is working on: a fishing and camping trip for a recently married couple; a mountain bike and golf outing for a caregiver; and Pilates classes and personal training for an applicant fighting breast cancer.

Seas It commends all of out grant applicant and recipients for getting out there to live a little each day.

Complete Balance

On March 15th, eight indoor cycling teams competed to see who could log the most miles during 90 intense minutes at Balance Fitness Studio in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia. All 45 participants donated their event entry fee, and $1800 was raised to sponsor Cancer. Run With It!

Seas It thanks Balance for a high-energy event that drew Seas It supporters, cancer survivors, and Seas It grant recipients for an amazing morning filled with great music, awesome food, and people uniting for the cancer community Seas It serves.

Photos courtesy of Matt Barrick

The Team Gov Invitational & Anniversary Event

Team Gov Inv Pic

The Team Gov Invitational Weekend takes place each year near the anniversary of Seas It Co-Founder, Todd McGovern’s, initial diagnosis date of July 18th, 2004. On that day, oncologists gave Todd six months to live – at best two years. Always ready for a challenge, Todd was quick to prove the experts wrong and announced that he would host a party on his diagnosis date every year. Party-goers would join him to “Seas The Day!” and celebrate another year of life… Todd had EIGHT more beautiful years.

This year the Invitational is also a celebration of Seas It’s 10 years of commitment to helping others in their battles against cancer. We hope you’ll join us for some fun we have planned for July 19th in Allenhurst : the Seas It 5K, Beach Day, and Dinner Dance at Deal Golf & Country Club. (More details to follow.)

Join us this year to remember Todd’s spirit and determination, and to celebrate the drive and vitality of all of Seas It’s grant recipients. To learn more about Seas It’s origins and our last decade of efforts, follow Todd’s journey and other Seas It grant recipients’ stories.