These days, too many people are getting ‘knocked down’ and not getting back up. With his remaining time, instead of surrendering, Todd decided to fight and try to leave the world a better place. Through Seas It and their own actions, Todd and Amanda demonstrated the contrasting consequences of active recovery versus passive submission. Hopefully through Seas It grants, whether waking around the block, hiking in the woods or running a 5k, those unfortunate enough to be battling cancer, may be able to clear their minds and find a spark.

– Matt, Los Angeles, CA

I’ve been proud to run and raise money for Seas because I’m inspired by Todd’s message of living a little each day, even when it’s tough. I’ve seen how empowering and healing recreation can be for someone fighting cancer and the side effects of the treatments, and Seas It’s grants are so motivating for patients and their caregivers.

– Jon, Philadelphia, PA

I run for Seas It so I can help raise money so people can get out and embrace life and focus on wellness rather than illness.  I started running solely because of Seas It- I had never run before and was hoping to get back into shape after my 3rd child.  I agreed to run the first leg (3 miles) in the VT City Marathon; the next year it was a 5 mile leg; and the next a 1/2 marathon.  Training for a halfer in the Winter in Vermont has its challenges, but there is not a minute of those tough, windy, wet miles that I don’t pull inspiration from Todd and Seas It.

– Sarah, Burlington, VT