Without question, exercising was a critical part of my recovery from breast cancer, and Seas It allowed me to do just that. With so much uncertainty around every aspect of my life during the diagnosis and surgeries, the grant of a personal trainer to help me with the goal of running the Broad Street 10 mile-run in Philadelphia a few months after my surgery really helped me get through it all. Running that day reminded me of who I am as a person beyond cancer. Thank you Seas It for helping me by my best self.

-Rebecca, Patient Grant Recipient

As soon as my mother decided she was ready for an all out battle against Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia, an army of angels stepped forward to help guide us along the way.  Seas It is one of those angel organizations that provided personal support as well as much needed holistic self-rehabilitation through recreation to both my mother and me as her primary caretaker. I was granted yoga sessions at my local yoga studio. My mother was provided a grant for physical fitness and stretching sessions with a local therapist. The yoga is priceless in keeping me centered and balanced, and my mother credits her good balance and muscle tone to her therapy sessions.

I was introduced to SeasIt almost a decade ago and have long supported and believed in its vision and mission. I was on the giving side, and I was proud of Seas It. To be on the other side of Seas It and receive the grants to keep us strong in battle has further deepened my connection to this beautiful organization. My mother and I are SeasIt Sisters for life!

– Annie, Caregiver Grant Recipient

Our family is very grateful for the annual membership we were granted from Seas It. Our daughter will definitely enjoy the Olympic-size pool, I love the yoga classes, and my husband likes the basketball court. And these activities are only the beginning for the year! I know we will definitely enjoy all the other amenities at the YMCA. Not only will the physical activity help me with my recovery, but the family time together is priceless!

-Jennifer, Patient Grant Recipient

Seas it helped Joel get motivated. He loves riding his bike and can’t wait for summer when he can ride his bike again! Thank you again. It is a GOOD thing that Seas it does for people who have cancer.

– Sharon, Caregiver Grant Recipient

After my mother’s cancer diagnosis, it felt like we’d never be able to do all the things we had planned to do together. A conversation with a Seas It volunteer made me realize we could still be active together. Seas It helped me figure out a way to bring some fun back into our lives. Without Seas It,  we never would have considered learning to tap dance in the middle of chemo. You can keep moving during treatment!

– Amie, Caregiver Grant Recipient